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Video used with permission from Alex Cook and Justin Blackburn.
Pre-Thanksgiving Fellowship Concert
featuring Alex Cook
with opening perfomance by Justin Blackburn
November 16, 2013

               JUSTIN BLACKBURN                                                                                 

A Life Perfected (poem by Mary Baker Eddy)

Whatever Seems Beautiful

Waking Up


Love Knows Better

This performance was sponsored by the Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, in Lakeview in New Orleans.  It was recorded in the church auditorium.  Further use of this work should be made with permission of the musicians who may be contacted through their websites at: or

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                                  ALEX COOK                                                                                 

God Made Us

The Only Voice

The Truth Is The Truth

Let Love Rule In Me

Walk On The Water

I Love My Life (poem)

Unlocked Door

The Flames Can't Burn

Learning Perfection (poem)

Wait, Be Patient

Zoo (Spread Your Wings)

Unaccident (poem)

A Heart That Cannot Be Broken

You Can't Take My Life Away

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